The Joseph - Shaving Mirror & Razor Holder


The Joseph is a two-in-one, fog-resistant, shatterproof mirror and bespoke razor cradle.
It features unique safety ridges to keep your razor secure.
This specially designed storage device will attach to any smooth, clean surface in your bathroom, thanks to the patent silicone-grip technology. 
100% silicone. 

17.5 x 14 cm

2-in-1 product. Super convenient!

Store in the shower if shaving on-the-go is your style! 

Select a flat, smooth, shiny, glass-like surface on which to apply the product. 

The product is not suitable for use on matte, dull, rough, porous or uneven surfaces. 

Do not use product on unsuitable surfaces. The product will not work over multiple grout lines that you would find in a mosaic or subway tile. 

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