Dear Clients,

The Barberhood would like to reassure you of the extra measures we are taking to keep you safe as part of our COVID-19 recovery response.

Our business will continue to operate as usual and we look forward to seeing you for your next appointment. Both of our locations are temporarily closed due as per the current stay at home order imposed by the NSW state government. 

We are complying to the Australian Government social distancing rules seating you comfortably 1.5 meters apart.

To put you at ease, these are the hygiene measures our team is taking to ensure your wellbeing:

-  We sterilise our combs, clippers and scissors after each client.

-  We disinfect our stations after every treatment using antibacterial solution.

-  We change our razors after each client.

-  We use neck rolls as a barrier between the cape and our clients skin.

-  We wash our capes and towels at regular daily intervals.

-  We wash our hands after every single client as per the WHO hand washing technique.

-  We disinfect our reception desk area, waiting area and iPads at regular daily intervals

-  We request EFTPOS contactless transactions where possible.

-  Our chairs are 1.5 metres apart.

-  Masks worn as directed by the public health order.

-  We check in with our team member’s daily to ensure they are healthy and well.

If and when the time comes we need to take further measures for your safety, we will do so in the most responsible way as advised by the Australian Government.

You can support our team in the coming months by visiting for gift vouchers or grooming products. 

Kind Regards - The Barberhood