Hermetica Paris

Megaflower Eau De Parfum 100ml


Megaflower Eau de Parfum is a bouquet of sparkling Orange Flower and its Blossoms, wrapped with ambery elements that add an inviting warmth. Like love at first sight, this fragrance strikes with both a powerful yet delicate thunder of luminous effect with Vetiver Oil, resulting in a very Floral and Oriental fragrance.

  • Female Fragrance.
  • Contains Scents of Orange Flower, Blossoms, Vetiver Oil, Floral, Oriental.
  • Alcohol-free, Long-lasting, Moisturizing, Cruelty Free

 Mandarin Oil, Bergamot Oil, Orange Blossom absolute, Orange Blossom molecule, Amber Molecule, Vetiver Oil & Patchouli Oil.

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